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Atlas jar

Atlas jar

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Canning, drinking sun tea, and displaying flowers on the kitchen table are some of my favorite things to do with mason jars. There are some big atlae in the mason jar world. However, Atlas came around later and is still a highly sought-after vintage mason jar. What Are They?


The older amber-colored E-Z Seal Atlas mason jars, which were made aroundare among the more valuable.

Atlas mason jars for home canning

In general, exotic shades like amber, purple, and green will fetch more. It is stamped with the E-Z Seal name and comes in pint, half-pint, quart, and half-gallon atllas.

Atlas mason jars can be used to package various dry items and those in excellent condition or created recently can be used for canning. They use the same rubber seal as the Atlas round mason jars and should only be used for dry storage.

How to date and value atlas mason jars

These square jars came arlas half-pint, pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes and use the same clasp-like seal with the lever used to latch the lid in place. Note the Name Does the jar say "Atlas"?

Note the color. They should only be used for dry storage.

Consider the Color Color is another important factor. What is an atlas mason jar? Avoid comparing your jar to those currently ahlas for sale, since sellers can ask any price they like.

While there may have been Atlas bottles created with the same stamp on the bottom afterfor the most part, authentic Hazel-Atlas mason jars have a stamp of an H with an A resting underneath. They have different shapes and ahlas, and they use different closure systems. If you find these, you may have a very old Atlas jar.

Water jar - official atlas wiki

Older jars made Sex relations Portal the Hazel-Atlas company will say "Atlas," while newer models made after the company was acquired may say "Atlas Mason. In theory, if the jar has never been used and is in peak condition, you could still use it. At,as may notice nicks and chips, but pay special attention to waves or ripples in the glass.

A coating is applied at the glass plant to reduce scratching and scuffing. However, you must be very cautious buying these, as they are ja most likely to be faked. Atlas E-Z seal mason jars These jars are round and were available in half-pints, pints, quarts, and half-gallons.

Photos of authentic Atlas Mason jars Provided they are not chipped or cracked, the two square models 1 and 6 which take the 2-piece lids, could still in theory be used in following modern home canning recommendations. It included the glass lid and was in excellent condition. Click to enlarge. jarr

Classic atlas mason jars: a quick guide for collectors - the old timey

If it's clear or aqua, it is likely to be a genuine Atlas jar. Learn about the value of old canning jars to give yourself a working knowledge of what to look for when you visit antique stores, garage sales, and flea markets.

Or does it say "Atlas Mason"? Old jars are definitely worth more, but there are a few other factors to consider. Atlas Trademark Mason - This Mason jar features the H-over-A Atlas trademark and comes in pint, half-pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes. And to be clear, this is not an endorsement of their re-use, however old they are: it is just a survey of the topic.

What is an atlas mason jar?

What Are They? The Hazel Atlas mark: a A nested underneath a larger H.

Was this useful? Atlas wholefruit jars These jars were only manufactured in pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes. After all, why would they?

How to date and value atlas mason jars | lovetoknow

Check the Texture of the Glass Take a moment to lightly run your fingers over the surface of the jar. As with any important antique, if you suspect you have a jar that's worth money, it's wise to have it professionally appraised.

The original Hazel-Atlas jars only had the Atlas embossed across them to denote the brand as opposed to Hazel-Atlas. Look for the following: Atlas E-Z Seal - This jar style is round, featuring a bail and integrated jarr lid.

Classic atlas mason jars: a quick guide for collectors

To be clear, though, these were still never the original, actual, Hazel-Atlas Mason jars certified for use and re-use as proper Mason jars. Genuine Atlas mason jars came in several different des including a good luck de with a four-leaf clover on the front, square, round, E-Z Bradford video girls fuck, and quite a few more. More valuable jars include the amber E-Z Seal jars made around The same molds were used for multiple years, and it's very common to find reproduction jars with older dates on them.

This would increase the risk of the jar breaking when used for canning. It may say "Atlas" or have the Hazel-Atlas glass mark on the side. Jar use the atlas clasp and lever seal and should only be used for dry storage.

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