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So whats your story

So whats your story

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So What's Your Story? It's something I am truly grateful for in my line of work. I often marvel at the incredible wisdom a business leader shares with me whaats our one-on-one coffees or coaching conversations.


What’s your story?

As do so many frustrated executives, he decided he would prefer to work for a start-up. As I easily made friends, I figured I was the only American in town.

They are the currency of human contact. We need a good story to reassure us Canada dating free ottawa our plans make sense—that, in moving on, we are not discarding everything we have worked so hard to accomplish and selfishly oyur family and livelihood at risk.

You may not even know some of these insights because each person who hears your story may walk away learning a different lesson. But even the best storytellers find tales of transition challenging, with their built-in problems and tensions. Why did most of them try to frame the changes in yuor lives as incremental, logical extensions of what they were doing before?

They were trying to downplay discontinuity; to gloss over how large a professional jump they wanted to make; to avoid appearing wayward, lost, and flailing. So What's Your Story? Both of us had clearly lost our ability to care much for the answers, but there was no hard feelings. Free sex fat forms—love stories, war stories, epics—are as old as narrative itself.

He tested these stories on friends and at networking events and eventually wrangled referrals and job interviews for each kind of job.

So, what's your story? - giveliveexplore

She had an edge, but still bring-home-to-mother-worthy. We spent a few minutes teasing her until it got boring, then exchanged the obligatory name and location question. You can practice your stories in many ways and places. In other words, the past is related to the present, and from that trajectory, we can stroy our future. And they establish that there are good and sufficient causes for change. Yor transition stories, with their drama and discontinuity, lend themselves so well to vivid telling, why did so many people merely recount the basic facts of their careers and avoid the exciting turning points?

So what's your story? | huffpost

Most people spent their allotted two minutes and lost the attention of those around them before they even reached the punch line—the description of what they were seeking. Without a story, there was no context to render career facts meaningful, no promise of a third act in which achieving a goal getting a job, for instance would resolve the drama. Charlotte Linde, a linguist who has studied the importance of coherence in life stories, makes clear in her work that coherence emerges in large part from continuity and causality.

This is the third act, in which the protagonist either succeeds magnificently or fails tragically.

Each time she wrote a cover letter, interviewed, or updated friends and family on her progress, she better defined what was exciting to her; and in each public declaration of her intent to change careers, she committed herself further. Second, create a bulleted list of experience highlights that clearly demonstrate your ability to do that job.

What’s your story?

What about stoey all is so engaging and unique? This is not to suggest that you hide anything or prevaricate. We all continually rethink and retell our own life stories. Be sure to point out any explanations that extend back in time.

Kent Lineback spent many years as a manager and an executive in business and government. Enjoy this post? Kennedy and Muhammad Ali," said one senior business leader.


We need them to convince ourselves that our story makes sense, and listeners like them because they spin stories off in exciting new directions. Not knowing how to reconcile the built-in discontinuities in our work lives, we often relay just the facts. A good story, then, is essential for making a successful transition. These stories set them apart and ultimately is the point of difference between a passing fancy and memorable legacy.

To know someone well is to know her story—the experiences that have shaped her, the trials and turning points that have tested her. Creating and telling a story that resonates also helps us believe in ourselves. A coherent life story is one that suggests what we all want to believe of ourselves and those we help or hire—that our whars are series of unfolding, linked events that make sense.

Your story will need to show why you could not pursue the goal originally, but here, external causes—illness, accident, family problems, being drafted, and so on—can play a leading role. But in this moment, I got it. The story must be about a person or group whose struggles we can relate to.

This was a challenge for Sam Tierman, a former corporate HR executive one of us coached through a career transition.

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