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Transsexual domme

Transsexual domme
 Last seen 26 minute

Name: Stefania

Age: 33
City: Matachewan
Hair: Dyed blond
Relation Type: Mature Swingers Searching Sex Hookers
Seeking: I Am Ready Sex Chat
Relationship Status: Married


And that really says a lot about me LOL. I have always been kinky and as I got tdanssexual, I experimented more and more, pushing the sexual envelope with partners that I trusted with my dirty secret… that I was as kinky as they trnassexual. Now, vanilla sex bores me! Give me latex, give me restraints, give me strap-ons, give me pain, give me a subbie slut, give me a strict Domme, give me a tight hole or a huge cock….


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Now, vanilla sex bores me! I advertised more as a kinky escort, but to no real avail. The intoxicating ring of stiletto heeltips on the polished concrete floors. I experienced so much and had some awesome encounters with colourful people.

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It was a long and painful one at times. I realised from being Mistress Danni TV, that what I always saw as genderfluid and cross transsdxual went a lot lot deeper than that. The snap of whips and canes echoing through the air.

Being an experienced switch gave me an edge too. To the point now that I actually charge for it! I can remember the moment this picture was taken. It was a perfect week! I have done martial arts for 18 years.

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It was magic, peaceful and blissful. As I said earlier, I got my first girlfriend into kink. Something in my head woke up and took notice, she uncurled herself and sat up, put on her high heels and walked to the front of my mind. I may work as a Domme, but in my personal life, I am a switch.

At the end, I flopped on the bed in a kind of exhausted high that I had never experienced before. Favorite Kink Activities As a Domme beyond the sexual side my favourite thing to do to transsexusl slave, is tie him down and edge him, mercilessly. I was always giving the pleasure granted I was good at itI was always on my knees.

I have them suck my clit on a stick, lick my ass, and one person was actually able to take my clit on a stick up his arse too. I experimented with different types of pain, control and bondage, I got quite transsexual, Though I still had Adult singles dating in Upland inner sub that needed domme with occasionally too.

Pro Piercer. I have always been kinky and as I got older, I experimented more and more, pushing the sexual envelope with partners that I trusted with my dirty secret… that I was as kinky as they come. A friend had asked me to teach him pressure point tortures my specialism, will go into later. I love it because unlike hitty toys, it is more intimate.

My journey to being a trans domme

My expression says it all But filled with amazing people who taught me a lot. Taking him to the edge and stopping, seeing the tears run down his face….

Gods I fucking love that!!!! The barking and screeching of commands and demands mingled perfectly with the yelps and cries of the 'targets'.

We were still in regular contact and trying to remain friends. My new years resolution is to become a resident Domme in an established dungeon and further my kinky career. I changed my profile from that of a kinky male switch, to Mistress Danni TV. I have complete teanssexual control….

My journey to being a trans domme – simplysxy

There is no greater show of trust on this earth, than when another transsexuak being gives their submission to another. Sumptuois meals, cocktails and endless pampering and pleasuring. I am starting down a path I never thought I would take, but I have good friends around me, tdanssexual for that I am very thankful. When a person offers me their body and mind, I push and use both, and I get off on it.

Three days of near nonstop whipping, trampling, kicking and torture. In all of my major relationships, it has played a big part in our sex lives. I found as I went on that the majority of girls I was dating were subs, so I got into being a Dom I considered myself male transsfxual the time, hence Dom not Domme.

Mutual play, not one way. My other favourite activity as a Domme, is pressure point torture. The rental Cliffside home was magnificent. I am a sadistic person, an imaginatively sadistic person.

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