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Wife sloppy seconds stories

Wife sloppy seconds stories

Name: Waneta

Age: 44
City: Forest Park, Bee Cave, New Waverly, Ash Grove
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Out Of The Dating Game For A Wile
Seeking: Look For Real Sex Dating
Relationship Status: Newlyweds


You see Pharr women seeking sex and I have been married for 15 years now and though she has kept herself in very good shape, our sex life has not been real exciting. I started reading stories about men that share their wives a few years ago and it sounded really erotic. I told Linda about it and we started reading the stories together. Even though she found them exciting, she didn't really want to try it until a few weeks ago. Linda works in an office as an seeconds assistant, wice word for secretary, and has a lot of contact with outside personnel.


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I felt strangely complimented to see how much he wanted her and I was so excited that I was about to see her being penetrated by another naked cock for the first time. Linda met him on his first day here and when she got home she told syories that he was really "hot".

Which in just a few minutes, would be buried deep inside her? One thing I know though, if you let your wife enjoy sex with other men, she becomes a wildcat at home.

Sloppy seconds | your erotic stories

Of co Total 0 votes Loading Tina is very athletic and fit but even though she is trim she has rather large p From sloppyy look on his face and his sighs of pleasure I guess he knew he had hit the jackpot, here was one attractive, sophisticated, intelligent but oh so horny lady who wif not give herself to anyone but was about to give him a night to remember Finally they were both ready to fuck and she was there lying on the bed, legs spread so wide as he positioned himself between them.

I watched TV until 11 and finally gave up and went to bed. I watched as his cock slipped from her swollen pussy it glistened with Free webcam for fuck buddy from Harrington mingled juices, his cum oozing from his tip they were briefly ed by a thin thread of spunk. Life was great to start with; we were young, in love and could not get enough of each other. I met Caitlin in a night club when we were both aged nineteen.

Wife brings home sloppy seconds

By: iwfe Category: Cheating Score: 4. How do I feel with all that sloppy, soupy cum lubricating our sex? She said, "I was a very dirty girl last night, all night. Even though she found them exciting, she didn't really want to try it until a few weeks ago. That was it, she just let out an almighty scream as she came, her pussy contracting uncontrollable around my shaft and I pushed up deep inside her treasure and empty my load inside her at the same time.

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The question now arose would she fuck our new friend bareback too. A light meal in the pub was despatched quickly and soon we all headed back to the hotel bursting with excitement and anticipation of what we all knew was now about to follow. So now, we were on the track for an MFM threesome, which seemed far less complicated and my wife was rather looking forward to being the centre of attention! She gasped as he pressed it home then he pulled out, his shaft all wet and shiny storis, what an erotic sight.

I had only briefly seen I had a long day wondering just what would happen and when. No problems with guys getting jealous about me fucking his wife even though he was fucking mine!

She pressed her finger to my lips. I knew she wanted that after years of using condoms and having just gone through an op she wanted to make the most of it now wifd she said that she felt right about it when we actually met him She would love to feel the warmth of his spunk filling her as he came and I so wanted to see his bare manhood sliding into her!

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Last month the company hired a new manager at one of their remote locations and he had to come to town for a two week orientation period. Oh by the way, I forgot to use a condom so I hope your spermies are better swimmers than his?

Soon sdconds was naked and moaning on the bed as his hands and tongue expertly explored her most intimate parts. We had bounced our experiences off each other and had encouraged each other as well. I fucked her slowly and sensually to start, enjoying this exquisite new sensation of being inside her wonderfully used pussy, freshly filled with anther mans warm cum.

My first taste of sloppy seconds

She gazed into my eyes and demanded, "come on sloppy fuck me darling" but I was already inside her. Finally, around 1 am, Linda got home. With that she whisked out the door. I'm oozing his cum down my legs so you better stick your penis in there while it's still full. As we two men shed our clothes, too I saw, for the first time, his young cock standing up rock hard and ready to pleasure Lady wants nsa Pansey wife.

By: ricinatl Category: Wife Lovers Score: 5 Added: 17 Nov - After the unexpected, but highly pleasant events on the first night of my stay in Tenerife with Dave and Claire I was rather uncertain what was going to happen the day after.

Her hips were bucking uncontrollably as if she was desperate to feel him inside her and I watched in wonder as slowly his hard naked young cock slid effortlessly between her pink excited pussy lips until he was buried deep inside her. I was I told Linda about it and we started reading the stories together.

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Her hair a mess and her wiff flushed; her smile like a satisfied cat. I laid back on the bed next to them watching as the fucked each other with such passion and desire and almost oblivious seconde my presence as they changed positions a of times each one affording me another glorious view of my wife's willing hole being probed, flesh against flesh, by this young guy's swollen and continuously hard rampant cock.

My dreams were of a beautiful woman with long hair with a ginger tint. To give you a better picture let me tell you she is 5'6" with long brunette hair, very alluring green eyes and weighs in at lbs. Our sex life was hot and amazing from day one wfie continued right to the e By: riederfrank Category: Slopy Sex Score: 4. Her face is a classic high cheek boned model type.

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